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Hi, this is Jane, you've reached my voice mail. Sorry about the ringtone thing, Darcy won't show me how to change it. Anyway, leave a message and I'll call you back as soon as I can. Thanks!

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No, not literally. I'm fully aware of how that's going. But how's mun handling me? Is there anything she can change or do better? Let us know!

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[Jane takes a deep breath and presses the button to start the broadcast.]

Hello everyone, Jane Foster here. [She takes another deep breath and clears her throat.]

First, I want to apologize for my behavior during the shift. I was, obviously, not myself. If I damaged any property, or feelings for that matter, I'm going to do everything I can to make up for it, I promise. And I really hope that you don't think I'm like that normally. I'm very friendly and I love helping people and making friends.

[If she doesn't stop herself she'll ramble on with profuse apologies, so she pauses and moves on.]

Secondly, if anyone has any spare electronics they don't need or want any more, I'd be happy to take them off of your hands. Working or not, it doesn't matter. That includes extension cords and cables too. Just drop them off at my place in the Flame Building. There will be a box outside my door you can leave them in if I'm not home. I'm trying to put something together that I think everyone in Luceti would enjoy. I'll post another message if I manage to pull it off. Thank you!

[She gives a wave as a way of signing off, then the screen goes dark.]
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For IC appointments and messages.

Please label threads with method of contact and date. Thank you!

Standing Appointments
None at this time

She can be found at the library, the coffee shop, and potentially by the fountain. She also explores the woods often. She goes to the arrival clearing most nights to observe the skies and take notes.
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[Action/Written - Open]

One moment Jane is sitting at the kitchen table sipping her coffee and leafing through her notebook, and the next she's standing in the middle of a forest clearing. Instead of her flannel pajamas she is clad in a simple white dress and her feet are bare.  Her notebook, the summary of her life's work, is nowhere to be seen. At her feet, though, is a notebook-looking thing with her name on the front. She picks it up and opens it, then sits down where she is to read.

Later, still in the woods but feeling more acclimated to where she is and the new wings on her back, she decides to give the communications function a try. She writes a short message that reads

"Hello, my name is Jane Foster, and I've just arrived. I am in the forest and I can't tell which direction to go to get out. Could someone help me out? Thanks!" 
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It was the last place Jane had expected to run into Thor.  She wasn't sure what had made her send him those hearts. After waiting for so long the only explanation possible was that her patience had simply run out.  He had promised to come back for her, yet he hadn't. She thought she had feelings for him, but her logical side kept telling her that she had only known him for a day and a half, there was no possible way she could know him well enough to fall for him that quickly.  Her heart and her brain were still at war when he arrived.

She opened the door to her New York apartment and ushered him in. The shoebox of a place seemed even smaller with him in it.  "So... hi."
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[Continued from the Tag Someone New meme]

Jane had debated for the better part of an hour whether to actually go out with Jack. Yes, their meeting had seemed ideal, and he seemed like a great guy. But appearances could be deceiving.

After talking with Darcy she decided to go through with it - with Darcy's tazer in her purse. She texted him the address of her favorite Japanese restaurant, telling him to meet her at 8. After going through every dress in her closet she decided on a simple black one, accenting it with gold shoes and jewelry. She left her hair down simply because she didn't like every way she tried it up.

She walked to the restaurant since it was only a block from her apartment. She arrived early - she liked arriving early - and stood outside waiting for him. She paced to work off some nervous energy. Astrophysics she had no trouble with. Dating made her shake in her heels.
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Please let me know what I'm doing right and what I can do to improve! Meme post is here.
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[This is for all of my Thors. Each of you has influenced this mix in a different way.]
Songs under here )
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It's Date Night! Jane's post is here. Let's have some fun!
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Characters: Thor and Jane Foster
Rating: PG
Prompt: #36 Rain - Drabble Table
Word Count: 107

Jane watched as Thor descended into the crater to recover what had been taken from both of them. She didn’t understand how he could be so confident that he would succeed. The small city that had sprung up around the ‘satellite’ was teeming with people, most of them in suits with guns on their hips. She was scared, mostly for him, but also partially that he would fail and she would never get her equipment back.

A flash of light cut across the sky, followed by a rumble of thunder. Jane looked up, then flinched as a raindrop hit her cheek. This is going to be bad.
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Characters: Jane Foster (mentions of Thor and Loki)
Rating: PG
Prompt: #23 Hour - Drabble Table
Word Count: 114

Resistance had, in the end, been futile. Jane had fought Loki as best she could, but he had still taken her. Now she was in a dimly lit room. The concrete was hard and cold underneath her. The noise of machinery roared from somewhere in the distance that was hard to pinpoint.

She ignored the noise. She ignored the throbbing of her broken toe, now turning a nasty shade of blue. She ignored her fear. She focused, instead, on the ticking of her watch. She counted each moment as it passed. The minutes added up to hours. And every hour that passed brought her closer to the one when Thor would come save her.
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I want to hear what secrets you've been keeping from me. Go here and tell me!
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